A vibrant and talented music trio dedicated to bringing joy and nostalgia to senior homes and retirement communities. Their timeless melodies will transport you back in time, filling your heart with warmth and your feet with the urge to tap along. Join them on a musical journey back in time and let the magic of our toe-tapping tunes bring smiles to the faces of seniors everywhere.

Adam Wakely has been playing music, singing, writing and producing from an early age of 10 years old. Adam has also played in many cover and original bands throughout his life. Now, having built his own professional recording studio, he continues to write, create and also produce other songs with and for, other producers and artists.

The professional music production studio of musician Adam Wakely. Located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

Double Image Band, a powerhouse classic rock trio. A cover band from the greater Vancouver area in British Columbia. The Best of Classic Rock and other varieties of music.

Music project based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

My personal blog in which I present personal thoughts and observations on life, the universe & everything.